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Course Records
Overall Male - 53:04 Sven Nijs, Bilzen, Belgium - 2009
Masters Male - 54:06 Mark Lindberg, Anchorage, AK - 2008
Overall Female - 59:21 Melanie Peters, St. Petersburg, FL - 2007
Masters Female - 1:05:53 Dee Miller, Conestoga, PA - 2008

Overall Male - 17:17 Lee Stephens, Temple Terrace , FL - 2007
Masters Male - 18:49 Greg Dudra, Hobe Sound, FL - 2009
Overall Female - 20:00 Grace Van de Grift, Valrico, FL - 2007
Masters Female - 22:32 Valerie Porter, Lutz, FL - 2007

(Thanks to Ric Dorrie at Road Race Management for compiling all the results)
Check out, a very cool website for tracking your race results and comparing yourself against other runners. Here is the list of Trout Creek Results that they have included.

Please Note: If you do not receive a finishers award at the finish line but notice on the results that you finished "in the money": This happens when someone does not turn in a finish card (bad bad runner) and they are not included in the results. There could have been 1 person or 5 that did not turn in a card and so your true finish place will be lower than that posted. We pre-count the awards and are very careful to make sure the top runners receive theirs accordingly.